Don’t Mourn for Us

Don’t mourn for us

Pitiful cripples we might be in your eyes

But mine, although unseeing, can see past your prejudices to our wonderful lives

Don’t mourn for us

Or the fact that there aren’t any “cures”

We are not broken, and do not need to change to fit those molds of yours

Don’t mourn for us

It is you who have never bothered to get to know us, and our reality

Before categorizing our lives as “not worth living” without being brought back to normality

Don’t mourn for us

Because disability is so much more than what you have bothered to see

It is a way of being, an experience, an aspect of our identity

Don’t mourn for us

Because the tragedy is not that we’re here

The tragedy is that your world is not built for people like us to experience without fear

Don’t mourn for us

Instead, be an alley, a supporter

But be warned, to join us you will first have to be an un-learner

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